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If you watched the video at the end of the last post you will see it was very emotional. Our church service started after the girls reunited so Julie and I went ahead and attended church. She saw me crying along with Pastor Jarod and asked me what what wrong. I told her that I was just so happy to have her home and as my daughter. I then had her look around the room and told her to multiply all those people by hundreds, heck I would go as far to say thousands. I said all of those people love and care about YOU! 🙂 They all wanted you home just as much a mama & Papa did. I told her that you all prayed and asked God to help us be her family. Of course this conversation is taking place via google translate. She said, “ok”. I can’t wait for the day that she truly understands the magnitude of how much she is cared for and loved and by how many people. When I see all of the countries that have followed our story I’m still in shock. Julie Grace New is known and loved all over the world! Thank you God for all of your angels and your children who helped bring our daughter home!


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  1. hello, I have enjoyed following your journey to bring sweet Masha (Julie) home! We are also exploring adoption and I was wondering if you could tell me what orphanage on RR you adopted Julie from? I have trouble telling which other girls are from her region/orphanage.

    • Julie was in an orphanage in snizhne which is in the Donetsk region. I’ve looked through the RR site but don’t recognize anyone. However, there is a sweet 13 yr old girl who is desperately wanting a family from Julie’s orphanage. If you would like more info you can message me at cynnew24@gmail.com

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